Justice Speaks “The MisEducation of the Adventist”

Christopher C. Thompson
Streamed live on Apr 30, 2015

With all of the rioting, looting, and marching for justice, how should the Adventist respond? Does our Theology create an apathy towards holding hands with other faith leaders, and politicians to foster equality for all people?  Do peaceful protests still work today? The team is back, and we are ready to dive into this topic.  This week we add a special guest to our panel, Chip Dizard who is currently working on a documentary about Baltimore, and Pastor David Franklin who oversees the Miracle City SDA Church in Baltimore.

Christopher C. Thompson

Christopher C.

Dr. Christopher C. Thompson currently serves as Communication Director for the Southeastern Conference of SDA. As a pastor, author, teacher and church resource developer who is passionate about the spiritual growth process, he works tirelessly to develop tools to aid pastors and parishioners alike. Click below to follow him on twitter or visit his website.

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