If we are not careful, ministry can become all-consuming.

We can become so consumed with doing good that we lose sight of how to be good to ourselves and to those who are closest to us. Let’s decide today that by God’s grace, we will not allow that to happen.

We Affirm

As ministers of the Gospel, we affirm that families everywhere are under the attack of the Satan. We also affirm that clergy families are the target of a more direct and focused threat. We affirm that the enemy is determined to derail the minister’s family in order to derail the wider church body. We also affirm that the most important and powerful ministry we can perform is to love our families and live a life of integrity before them. We affirm that our most powerful ministry flows from healthy relationships within our home. Therefore we commit to the following:

Essential Practices

  1. To maintain a consistent, vibrant, gospel-centered atmosphere in my home with regular worship, prayer and bible study.
  2. To spend quality time with my spouse, children and/or loved ones daily.
  3. To set clear boundaries around my home life as it relates to family/personal time and space vs. work times and workspace.
  4. To take regular, scheduled vacations for recreation and renewal.
  5. To maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle with proper rest and regular exercise.
  6. To pursue professional therapeutic support whenever necessary.
  7. To maintain consistent communication with a younger minister (mentee) to share insights and encouragement concerning personal, family and home issues.
  8. To maintain consistent communication with an accountability partner concerning the areas of my private and home life.
  9. To lovingly confront my accountability partner if and when destructive behaviors/patterns surface.   
  10. To maintain consistent communication with a trusted mentor to speak about challenges in my ministry context and at home.

Now What?

Start today. Demonstrate your commitment by doing the following:

  • Pray and ask God’s forgiveness for past negligence and missteps, and then pray for direction toward making your family first.
  • Share this list with your spouse, family, accountability partner, mentee and your mentor.
  • Sit down with them and talk about areas where you need to focus and how you want to grow and improve.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day. Make small, incremental changes toward your intended goal.
  • If you are currently engaged in high-risk behavior, do not delay. Please seek professional support right away.
  • Share the link to this post and encourage others to take the Family First Pledge as well.
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Christopher C. Thompson

Christopher C.

Dr. Christopher C. Thompson currently serves as Communication Director for the Southeastern Conference of SDA. As a pastor, author, teacher and church resource developer who is passionate about the spiritual growth process, he works tirelessly to develop tools to aid pastors and parishioners alike. Click below to follow him on twitter or visit his website.

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