Ministry must be a team effort. When Jesus established the church, he did not intend for his disciples to do ministry alone.

His intent was that we would all do ministry together as one body in Him. We are all one, and we are Christ’s and Christ is God’s. There is no big “I” and little “you.” There are many gifts, but one body. We are not fighting against each other, we are fighting with each other in the name of the Lord. We must fight together to become one, so that we can fight together as one. We are contending for the faith. We are contending with Christ against evil and the evil one. We are contending. Yes! But we are contending…TOGETHER.
Introducing PELC 2016…”Contend Together.”


PELC 2016 Contend Together - Hispanic TrackPELC 2016 Contend Together - Spouse Track


Christopher C. Thompson

Christopher C.

Dr. Christopher C. Thompson currently serves as Communication Director for the Southeastern Conference of SDA. As a pastor, author, teacher and church resource developer who is passionate about the spiritual growth process, he works tirelessly to develop tools to aid pastors and parishioners alike. Click below to follow him on twitter or visit his website.

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